Monday, March 14, 2016

Thursday Night FOCUS


Grampa SteveThe board meeting started on Thursday, and that evening, some of the board members met with the students for FOCUS night. FOCUS is a monthly student gathering on IMG_0019Thursday evening that provides the students with opportunities to hear from PIU staff or faculty in a non-classroom type situation or to bring in someone from outside PIU that would provide insight in a certain area. Focus is led by Dean of Students Nikki Heimbach (right). For this one, the students had an opportunity to ask questions from board members and, through Skype, to interact with long-time teacher and mentor to many of us, “Grandpa” Steve Bradley. The students were able to ask anything they wanted and the board members gave great responses. Steve encouraged the students with stories from the old days and some wise counsel. I thought the best moment of the night was when Steve mentioned a song, that had been written by one of the students a few years ago, and the PIU students responded by singing it to him. I know I was greatly encouraged.


I think the 3 board members enjoyed interacting with the students.

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