Tuesday, March 15, 2016

PIU Days 2016–Day 1–Team Neos

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The conclusion to the PIU 40/25 anniversary celebration was our 3-day annual PIU Days event. This is an event that has been celebrated much further back than my time at PIU, all the way back to MIBS days. As in years past, the entire PIU family is divided into three teams for many and various kinds of competitions. Each team is responsible for organizing their day, including the evening service and dinner afterward. The theme verse for this year is Colossians 3.10 and the team names reflect concepts from that verse. The teams are Neos, the newness of life provided through Christ, epignosis, the knowledge of Christ, and eikon, the image of Christ produced by the transformation provided through the Spirit. Day 1 was the day of Team Neos (my team this year!) Here are a few pictures of the event.

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We began the day with the opening chapel featuring the updated version of the PIU history rap

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The cheer competition is always the highlight of the first day. We see some real creativity and humor coming through, along with loud voices and precision dancing.


The evening service began with a resolution from the Guam legislature congratulating PIU on its 40th anniversary. The resolution was presented by Speaker Won Pat.

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There was a little basketball played in the afternoon. Also here is a picture of the stage decorated by Team Neos.

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There was plenty of music and dancing

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and a couple of skits

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Bill Schuit, Global Director for Liebenzell USA was the speaker for the first night.

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Good job team Neos

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