Friday, July 15, 2016

Joyce Owen: Procurement Officer

chair (2)

chair (4)Joyce seems to have a knack for finding stuff we need at PIU, for other missionaries, for students and for our house. She also seems to be able to find them for very nice deals. This morning she left the house early, which is very unusual for a Saturday, and then showed up a couple hours later with this chair strapped to the top of the car. I started to protest, but when she said she got it for $10, what could I say? The chair even fits my San Francisco 49er color scheme for the living room. (see below). Even better she got a brand new suitcase for my upcoming trip for $5. I should not be surprised. She has found washers, dryers, clothes, tools, books etc for pennies on the dollar, and often for free. One thing is for sure. When you donate to PIU, or our mission, you know we will stretch each dollar as far as it will go.

chair (1)chair (3)

Here is the chair in its final resting place in the living room and another picture of how she tied it on to the car. Now our furniture in the living room is all red and gold.

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