Friday, July 22, 2016

We Welcome the Chorams Back to Guam

Chorams (3)

ChoramsWe welcomed the Choram family back to the Guam campus on Thursday. Iotaka Choram has been in Chuuk for the last year re-opening our operations there. PIU is operating with our partner FCC on Tol and in cooperation with Berea Christian School on Weno. We welcomed the family this week, but Iotaka will return next month, as faculty member and Bible chair on the Guam campus, after the summer session in Chuuk is completed. Yosta Lodge will become the PIU Chuuk director and continue the work with our partners there. We are very happy to have the Chorams back on Guam and look forward to growing ministry with the Chuukese on Guam and in Chuuk. As you can see, the girls have settled right into their new home.

Chorams (11)Chorams (15)

The students were very glad to have them back too.

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