Saturday, July 30, 2016

More, More Pictures from Majuro

Majuro Day 4 to 6 (5)

Here are some more pictures from Majuro. The picture above is a dance ceremony where the host church shares food, money and goods with the other participants. The singing and dancing were amazing

Majuro Day 4 to 6 (1)Majuro Day 4 to 6 (2)

The food was also amazing

Majuro Day 4 to 6 (7)Majuro Day 4 to 6 (13)

On Friday PIU student Jele Benejal led the devotional and then directed the church’s offering of thanks to PIU and to me for the week of teaching. The little bit you see on the table became so much that they had to clear off the table three times to take care of all the stuff. Wow thank you!

Sorensons (8)Sorensons (11)Sorensons (12)Sorensons (14)

Here are some “action shots” of one of my sessions

Sorensons (6)Sorensons (24)Sorensons (27) 

And some more, Pastor Enja, Eric, and the congregation

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