Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Majuro Day 3-4

Majuro Day 3_5 (2)

Majuro Day 3_5 (1)Majuro Day 3_5 (7)It has been a good week in Majuro. I have enjoyed presenting my series on the overview of the Bible. One more to go tomorrow and then I will head out to California for a couple days. Here are a few pictures from Monday and Tuesday in Majuro. Monday we had a big dinner with several local dignitaries in attendance. It even included a turtle (very rare) and a pig.

Majuro Day 3_5 (14)Majuro Day 3_5 (17)

I walk every day from the hotel to the church. I got soaked once, but usually it is a pleasant walk. I walk by the Bikini Atoll Town Hall every day.

Majuro Day 3_5 (15)Majuro Day 3_5 (18)

This is the hotel and grounds where I am staying.

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