Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Classes

Summer Class (1)

Summer Class (2)I am teaching two classes this year in the summer session. One is the first year Old Testament Survey and the other is the seminary level Survey of the Pentateuch. The OT Survey class is a fully on line class with five students from Pohnpei. I have a 90 minute Skype class session with them every week, with them in the Ohwa Christian School computer room and me in my home office on Guam. The other class is offered in the traditional classroom format. Each class has a couple weeks left so the students are working hard to finish well – I hope. This, for me is the most enjoyable part of working at PIU. I enjoy interacting with the students and it is exciting to see them to take what they are learning into their ministries. It also stretches me a little to teach one class at the entry level and another in which the students are already pastors and church leaders.

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