Monday, July 04, 2016

PIU Students Minister (Addie and Scott) in La Mirada CA


PIU summer ministry students Scott Refilong and Addie Namelo are doing a summer ministry trip to the US. It began with a week in La Mirada, California working in a Vacation Bible School at Grace EV Free and will focus on an internship at the Liebenzell USA Global Ministries and Retreat Center during the month of July. We appreciate your prayers for Addie and Scott. You will find more explanation of who they are and what they are doing here and here. Below is Addie’s report (the pictures came from her too) on her first week of ministry in California…

13557769_10157052453525392_9182416562324781612_nThe experience in California was a nice start. I believe it was practice for being here in New 13590480_10157052453435392_3821977472299507958_nJersey. We got over jetlag after almost a week there.I kind of got used to the weather. It was bipolar, being hot one hour and then cold the next. We were so thankful for those who knew Mike and Samantha and wanted to take us out for lunch, and for Katie who drove down to see us. We truly were blessed with such love. We were blessed by the Bustads, who hosted and sheltered us in their beautiful home. We were happy to repay them with Tinaktak & Chicken Kelaguen (Very tasty Guam local foods) that Scott made. 

13524374_1052415581479162_7231924651471650761_nThe VBS was amazingly "HUGE"!!! But, due to awesome, intricate, dedicated planners; to me it went quite smoothly and maybe even perfectly. There was like 500+ kids that came out & not all of them attended Grace Evangelical Free Church. Some of them didn't know who Jesus was, what the bible was; so I was so happy to hear that they went home each day learning more and more. The way the whole church was involved and all helping brought peace to my heart. Everything was set up and put down in a timely manner because everyone helped and were dedicated to helping. Music is a big thing for me and Scott, or for islanders in general, and I must say their music was awesome! The music worship leader wrote them by using scripture verses, they were just beautiful. The lyrics moved me into tears at most times. I enjoyed being a team captain, helping maintain my kids in the group. I was in Team Golden Heralds! I loved my team and some of them loved me too much. They wouldn't let go my arm. Haha! Not only did my kids learn verses, Bible stories, how to make crafts; so did I. We leaders were told not to pay too much attention to what's going on, but to our children; but I must confess at many times I was lost in the music. All in all, our time there was amazing, it was hard to say bye. One thing I may not forget would be Mike and Sam's surprise visit. I am not exaggerating when I say "I CRIED" tears of joy when I saw them. My eyes wouldn't stop watering up. If my kids weren't looking back at me, I would've continued to cry. I guess, just seeing really, really familiar faces was overwhelmingly warm and beautiful in itself and the last time I said goodbye to them in Guam, I had cried as well. I just want to thank Mike and Sam for suggesting we stop by in Cali. I thank you guys for your awesome friends that came through for lunch or support. Not once did we feel unwelcomed. Last but not least, I just thank God for all the Godly people he's let us meet, to help us grow more and more by showing us his love through them and for our supporters who let our trip possible. Thank you!!!!


Addie with some children you might recognize

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