Sunday, July 24, 2016

Majuro Day 2

Majuro Day 2 (2) (1280x960)

Majuro Day 2 (4) (1280x960)The pastors’ conference began today with the Sunday morning opening service. The president of the church, former MIBS Director, Rev. Enja Enos was the main speaker. The President of the Marshall Islands, Dr. Hilda Heine, also gave a speech. I was very blessed to see Pastor Jele Benejal, current PIU student, also leading music and coordinating parts of the service. Sorry, the pictures of President Heine and Pastor Jele are from the back, but I was sitting behind them on the stage. I enjoyed meeting Rev. Enos and President Heine, gave them PIU brochures and both asked me forMajuro Day 2 (5) (1280x960) further discussion about how PIU could offer classes in the Marshalls. I was very encouraged to hear the president talk about how much she worked for scholarships for college students. I think the best part of the service was the congregational singing. Their acapella hymns blew the roof of the building. I spent most of  the afternoon working on my devotionals and presentations for the coming week. I did take a walk late in the evening through the downtown. I timed it perfectly. I got soaked in a downpour. It was a good day.

Majuro Day 2 (6) (1280x960)Majuro Day 2 (7) (1280x960)

This was the view outside my hotel window today

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