Saturday, July 23, 2016

What Has Joyce Been Doing This Summer

House Renovation (8)I get asked this question occasionally. She keeps herself very busy – always. Even though she is no longer the maintenance director at PIU, she keeps her hands on the toolbox most every day. This summer her main occupation, in addition to teaching at the Japanese School of Guam and helping with refining our learning outcomes for our remedial English program, has been getting the house where Mike, Samantha and family lived for the last 6 years ready for our new tenants, PIU Bible chair and faculty member Iotaka Choram and family. Here are some pictures of the house in process. I’ll show you the finished product in a later post. Her first job was to clean out all the stuff they left. Here is the living room with everything removed.

 House Renovation (3)House Renovation (2)House Renovation (5)

The big job was in the master bedroom. She took up the old carpet and laid down a new sheet of linoleum. These pictures were taken as she did the work until it was almost done

House Renovation (1)House Renovation (9)

She also did a lot of work in the kitchen. Students helped her quite a bit with painting and hauling.

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