Saturday, July 30, 2016

More Pictures From Majuro

Majuro Day 3_5 (22)

I am in California for a couple days, but still have a lot more pictures of Majuro. I am not sure there will be any apparent order to these but I will do my best. I have several pictures from Eric and Karyn Sorenson, who joined me in Majuro on Tuesday and so some of the pictures come from them. Above is a picture of us with church president Enja Enos.

Majuro Day 3_5 (12)Majuro Day 3_5 (21)

Eric with PIU grad Bennie Luke (Left), Me with PIU alum Josen Teico (Right)

Majuro Day 3_5 (11)Majuro Day 3_5 (13)Majuro Day 3_5 (19)

Preaching, Teaching and Eating

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