Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Book of Joel Structure and Message

Joel structure chart

Message of Joel

The Day of the LORD will be a time of terrible judgment from God, but the LORD will deliver His people who repent from the heart and call on Him

Definition of the "Day of the LORD"- A time in which God decisively invades human history to punish sin, purify His people and set things right (God’s kingdom)

  • The Day of the LORD will begin with a terrible judgment
    • Joel compares the coming judgment to an unprecedented locust invasion. 1:1-20
    • Joel describes the invading army of the Day of the LORD in "locust terms." 2:1-17
    • Joel describes its Judgment as a war in which God intervenes and fights 3.1-17
  • The purpose of the prophecy is to bring people to repentance so they will be saved.
    • The proper response is to gather, mourn, fast and pray (turn to God alone). 1:13-14,19
    • Repentance must be heartfelt and appeal to God's gracious character. 2:12-14
    • Repentance must be both private (individual) and public. 2:16-17
    • Repentance is an acknowledgement of who God is and the authority He has over our lives. 2:27, 3:17
  • The judgment of the Day of the LORD will usher in the blessings of God's Kingdom
    • Sin is judged before blessing is poured out. 3.17
    • God's rule will be a time of blessing, peace, prosperity, justice and safety. 3:18-21
      • The greatest blessing of the Day of the LORD is God's presence.
    • God's people will enter the kingdom based on God's forgiveness of their sins. 3:20-21

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