Thursday, April 19, 2018

Chart and Outline of the Book of Amos

Amos Chart Structure

Message of Amos

Impending judgment should motivate God's people to examine themselves for signs of complacency, laziness or rebellion, repent and seek relationship with Him so that they will be ready to face God and be part of the blessed minority in His Kingdom.


  • There are many dangers to being a "religious" person in an affluent society
    • Religious indifference; Taking God for granted.
      • Their relationship with God had become empty ritual. 4:4-6, 5:21-23
      • There was no response to God's discipline. 3:6-10
      • They refused to hear God's Word and even opposed it. 2:9-12, 7:10-1
    • Personal Indulgence  
      • They were full of complacent pride  6:8
      • They were full of self-reliance which God views as "Lo-Debar" (nothing)  6:11-14
      • They loved pleasure and were more concerned about comfort and luxury than service 4:1, 6:4-
    • Social Injustice 
      • Their greed led to the exploitation of others 2:6-8
      • Their value system became distorted and they became blind to their own evil 3:10, 8:5-6
      • This leads to a corrupt society where God's ways are disregarded 5:11-13
  • God's judgment should promote self-evaluation, not condemnation of others
    • Judgment is coming on the unbelieving nations and on God's people 1-3    
      • The nations will be judged based on how they treated others 1-2
      • The list of nations was meant to direct Israel's attention to itself 3:1-15
        • Those who have more privileges will be judged by a higher standard 3:2
        • Abuse of God's privileges, lack of attention to His warnings leads to awful destruction 3:11-15
    • The judgment will be appropriate.
      • The things that take God's place in our affections will be destroyed. 3:15
      • Those that disregard God's ways will have God's Word taken away from them. 8:11-14
      • Those that serve themselves and rely on themselves will have their works destroyed. 6:7-11
    • We are all subject to judgment by God's holy standard. 7:7-
    • The judgment will be complete and terrible. 9:1-10
  • Repent and Live according to covenant so you will be ready for judgment
    • Recognize God's discipline and be prepared to stand before Him in judgment 4:11-12
    • Seek relationship with God 5:4
    • Repent and realize your dependence on God 7:2-5
    • Show the evidence of repentance by good works toward others. 5:14-14, 24
      • Justice is God's character lived out in human relationships
      • Righteousness is God's character lived out in human lives as an offering back to Go
  • The faithful Remnant will be blessed 9:11-15
    • God preserves a faithful remnant for Himself to bring into His kingdom and bless 9:8
    • Blessing will include restoration, rule, fertility, peace, and stability way beyond the best of blessings that we experience in this age

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