Monday, April 23, 2018

Chart, Message and Outline of Obadiah

Obadiah Chart

Message of Obadiah

Edom's total destruction because of their pride and mistreatment of Israel is a picture of how God will judge all the nations. Your attitude toward God and His authority will come out in your treatment of other people and will, at least partly, form the basis of His judgment 

  1. Edom will be judged and destroyed because of its pride
    1. Pride brings its own judgement because it makes one prone to deception and misconception in  relationship to God (3) and misjudgment of people. (7)‏
    2. Edom believed they were above, the "soaring eagle," other nations and not subject to God and had rebelled against the Davidic ruler who could have brought them the Abrahamic blessing. 
  2. A prideful attitude toward God comes out in mistreatment of other people.
    1. Violence betrays a lack of respect for the well-being of others.
    2. Pride leads to unconcern for others who cannot benefit you.
    3. Pride leads to boasting (to lift up self) and to putting down others (to make one's self look better.
    4. Pride leads to theft because it does not recognize the property rights of others.
    5. Murder is an extreme evidence of pride because it says that one's minor rights are more important than another's most basic right: the right to life.
    6. Pride leads to rebellion against God and the authorities He has set up.
    7. Prideful actions lead to total destruction and humiliation in God's judgment. This is the way God has set up creation. 3, 9
  3. The judgment of Edom is typical of how God will judge all nations. 
    1. Edom represents all mankind.: Edom אדום is Adam אדם
    2. The principle of judgment is "what you have done to others, will be done to you."
      1. Because Edom drank to celebrate the misfortune of God's people they will drink and drink the wine of God's wrath. 16
    3. The world will be judged by how they treat God's messengers. Rejection of God's messenger leads to judgement; acceptance to blessing.
  4. The way to avoid the works judgment of the Day of the LORD is to become one of God's covenant people.
    1. God will bring deliverance to His covenant people. 17
    2. God's people will become the vehicle of judgement for the world. 18
      1. When you live out and share the gospel you become the one through whom God brings blessing and judgement. The world's response to you will determine their eternal destiny.
    3. God will justly set things right in his kingdom 18b, 19-20
    4. Faithful submission to the king and His deliverers is necessary to enjoy the Kingdom. 21

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