Friday, April 13, 2018

Ezekiel Structure and Message

Ezekiel Chart

Message of Ezekiel

God's glorious character makes necessary the judgment of sin (Jerusalem's fall, the Babylonian captivity and the judgment of the Gentile nations) but also assures the restoration of a repentant minority of purified people in a new and glorious kingdom.

  1. The appearing and departing of God's glory determine success. When God's glory leaves you cannot win. When God's glory is with you, you cannot lose. 1-3
  2. The disciplinary judgment on God's unfaithful covenant people will be just, equitable,appropriate, complete and devastating.  4-24
  3. The Gentile nations and the spiritual forces behind them will be judged so that they will acknowledge God as their Lord. 25-29
  4. God's judgment will be a resurrection/restoration for His repentant people. 30-35
  5. The new covenant will result in a new order in which God will live with His people. 36-48

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