Monday, April 30, 2018

Chart, Message and Outline of Micah

Micah Chart

Message of Micah

God's righteous character requires that His forgiven people should live out his character with the power and help of his Messiah.
God giving us His righteousness obligates us to live righteously.

Theological Outline of Micah

Covenant relationship by faith should produce social and personal righteousness.

  • Old Testament believers entered into relationship with God (Covenant) by humble response to God's mercy, trust in His promise and acceptance of His gift of forgiveness. 7:17-20
  • Works are the evidence and result of covenant relationship (true saving faith).   6:6
    • "What is good" - The things that benefit us and others in our relationship with God.
    • "Act Justly" - Be fair in our dealings with others; live out the "Golden Rule"
    • "Love Mercy" - Carry through on commitments to God and to meeting the needs of others.
    • "Walk humbly"- Modest, grateful, fellowship with God. Living by the power of the Spirit.
  • Ceremonial or traditional religion is not sufficient. 6:6-7
    • Worship is important, but without inner life change and commitment, it is meaningless.
  • God will not protect and bless those that are unfaithful. They will be disciplined. 2:9-12
    • Those whose worship does not result in practical righteousness will be disciplined 6:9-16
    • Leaders of God's people will be judged more severely. 2-3

The standard by which covenant loyalty was judged in Micah’s day was God's character as revealed in the Law

  • The basis for Israel's relationship with God was the Mosaic Covenant
  • The basis for God's response to Israel was the blessings and curses of Deuteronomy 28      6:14
  • God uses the prophetic covenant lawsuit (6-7) to condemn Israel.
    • God brings a charge against his people which questions their motives and actions   6:1-3
    • He charges His people by contrasting His character to theirs   6:4-8
    • The people are guilty and the sentence of destruction is pronounced   6:9-16
    • The only hope is repentance and throwing oneself on God's compassion and mercy
  • A “lawsuit” against the church would be judged by the New Covenant
    • Kingdom entrance is determined by the presence of Christ indwelling the believer and the acceptance of Christ's payment for sin
    • The believer's works will be judged on how the character and works of Christ were lived out in the power of the Spirit. 1 Cor. 3:10-17, 2 Cor. 5:10

The motivation to repent and return to God and His standards is the blessings of Messiah and His Kingdom   4-5

  • Eternal God has intervened in history to defeat evil and its effects so we can live as God wants us to     5:2-4
    • Those that oppose God's plan will glorify God in their judgment and their ill-gotten wealth will ultimately be used for His kingdom  4:11-13
  • Messiah is seen as coming as a military leader 2:13, teacher and judge 4:2-3, Ruler 5:2, Shepherd 5:4, 7:15, Peace-Maker  5:5, Redeemer 5:6, 7:18-19, Avenger 5:10-15
  • The kingdom will bring both judgment and blessing for nations and individuals
    • To reject the merciful offer of God results in destruction
    • The remnant who throw themselves on God's mercy will be forgiven and enjoy the blessings of God's eternal promises
  • You cannot meet God's character standards without the help and leading of the Messiah

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