Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Brief Medical Update–Physical Therapy

20180410_131207 (1024x768)Joyce and I are back home after spending a few days with Joyce’s mom and dad in Redding. On the way there we stopped off in Sacramento for an appointment with a physical therapist who specializes in lymphedema. The bottom line is that she gave us some hope that the edema can be managed and I may be able to return to a somewhat “normal life” or at least a “more normal life.” I found out that edema is treated mainly through compression-pressure and massage that moves the fluid through the body and helps the damaged lymph nodes. I also learned quite a bit about how the lymph system works. So now I have several compression garments, wraps, socks etc. that will help me begin to move the fluid around. I have been doing the self-massage for several days now. Please pray with me for the success of these treatments. We are also joining a lymphedema support group and will be attending our first meeting tomorrow.

20180410_131234 (1024x768)We also enjoyed our time with Joyce’s parents. They are planning on selling their house in Redding and moving to a retirement community here in El Dorado county. We helped a little bit with the preparation for that. No surprise that Joyce was a bigger help than I was. <smile> We plan on going back a couple times in the near future to continue to help them. It seems like our family is going through a lot of changes right now. We appreciate your prayers that we will be sensitive to the the Spirit as we move forward. Thank you!

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