Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another Update: End of Resting Week

20170323_084029 (768x1024)Well it's Thursday here in California and it's the end of my week of “rest.” The biggest issue has been trying to get rid of the infection in the hole in my back. The doctor switched me to a stronger antibiotic and it seems to be doing the job. The infection has been getting slowly better, but the antibiotic seems to be causing a nasty rash. We are trying to call the doctor for this one. I would appreciate your prayers for this. We will be going to the oncologist office tomorrow for a blood test. They mainly will be looking at my white blood count to make sure that I'm ready and able for the chemotherapy session on Monday.  This will be my second chemotherapy session. It'll be interesting to see how it compares with the first one in terms of side effects etc.

I was able to have a nice online conversation yesterday with Howard Merrell and Nino Pate. We discussed the future of our Seminary  and the just completed board meeting. It was great to see them and to be involved, just a little bit, again. PIU is greatly in need of your prayers. The main issue is the need for  an Academic Vice President.  We need to find somebody who has a doctoral degree and some experience in school administration.  This is required for our accreditation. Also please be praying for student applications.  Even though we try to make the school as affordable as possible, many of the students are unable financially to come up to the Guam campus. Thank you for praying for PIU.

This weekend we will be meeting with Jim and Kay Sawyer. Jim serves as our Seminary Dean on Guam  and teaches Theology and church history for us. It'll be fun to meet with them this weekend.  Joyce and I appreciate your prayers and especially pray for us as we move into the second round of chemotherapy next week  God bless.

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Jeff and Mary Johnson said...

Nice to see your smile, Dave! Praying on this end!