Saturday, March 11, 2017

Chemotherapy Week One Update

20170307_132251 (1024x768)As many of you already know, Monday was my first chemotherapy session.  I received the warning about the side effects and all that kind of thing, but I was  unaware of what would happen during the week.  However, I'm happy to say there really isn't that much to report.  My side effects were pretty minimal.  I had some sleeplessness and the shakes and little bit of sweating one night.  But I was pleasantly surprised to have very little nausea.  My hair and beard are still intact.  We'll see if that continues. Of course, there are no guarantees the second session will go equally as well.

20170307_221620 (1024x768)Joyce is up at her mom and dad's in Redding for the weekend so I'm on my own. Well not exactly on my own, I'm with my parents. I'm getting to where I can handle most of the things I need to do on my own, but still need a little help. Dad drove me to the doctor and mom has been helping me monitor and repair the bandage on my back. I also continue to need a little help with your prayers and I appreciate them very much. (left: I had to wear gloves when I used the bathroom for 3 days after the chemo session)

I'm continuing to get some injections designed to strengthen my white blood cells and immune system. I have three more coming up this week.  I will also have the follow-up appointment with my specialist  to go over my first chemotherapy session.  We're looking forward to the second session probably within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Thank you for your prayers as I go through my cancer adventure.

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