Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PIU Days


DSC_0044 (1024x683)I miss PIU, the students, the staff and faculty every day that I am away. This was especially true this past week as I missed both the annual board meeting (right) and the PIU Days celebration that followed. Each year the school divides into three teams for athletic competition  and sharing of songs, dances and other fun events. Each team also leads an evening worship service. This year the theme verse was 2 Corinthians 12.9 and the teams were named Power, Sufficient, and Grace. I was able to glean a few pictures from the students’ Facebook pages. They have also posted several videos there which I enjoyed watching very much. It wasn’t the same as being there but I felt like I was back home for a while.


There were games and athletic competitions watched from under the shade of some large trees17155398_1376352902424264_9089587247276430728_n17191446_1268526893201362_5561233407013192774_n17191537_1378145018911719_7725304725401498572_n17309285_1378144998911721_1357315159762690992_n

The chapel stage was decorated with evening’s theme


There were songs, sermons and cute babies


I miss you guys! Joyce and I wish we could be there.

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