Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekend Visitors

 20170325_210057_002 (1024x768)We were happy to have Jim and Kay Sawyer come up and visit us this weekend. They live in San Leandro, but Jim is our Seminary Dean at PIU and comes out every semester for a few weeks to participate in meetings, teach Seminary classes and spend time on the campus with the students and faculty. They c20170326_135327 (768x1024)ame up for the weekend and spent some time with us Friday and Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning.  It was nice to have somebody to talk theology with.  I especially enjoyed  worshipping with them on Sunday morning.  We watched a Francis Chan  sermon on YouTube and then spent some time praying together. It was really great to have some good fellowship  and have some people praying over me and an opportunity to pray for them too: very encouraging.

I am also beginning to lose hair in bunches. So Joyce basically just cut off  most of my hair and left it very short.  At least when it falls out now there's not long hairs everywhere. I'll keep taking pictures of it as it falls out. Here is the latest. Tomorrow is my second chemotherapy session. I would appreciate your prayers for that.

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