Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Morning Medical Update

It is Friday morning in California and we have just returned from the doctor, or I should say doctors.  We first went to the urologist to take a look at the nephrostomy hole in my back. It seems that I did not have an infection. It's just irritation from the normal wear and tear on the entry point into my body. So I took the  antibiotics for no reason and got a rash for it. Oh well, it is prudent to play it safe with a compromised immune system. So now I need to drink lots of water to flush the antibiotic out of my system. Nevertheless,this was good news. The second piece of good news that I got was at the oncologist’s office. I was there for a blood draw.  First, my white blood count number was 6.25.  Since the minimum number is 5, that was very good news. Thank you all for praying for my white blood count this week. Your prayers were answered with a “yes.”.  My red blood count was still a little bit low but right on the border. The nurse thought that I should be able to proceed no problem with the  chemotherapy on Monday.  Again thank you everyone for praying. Please continue in prayer for my chemotherapy that's coming up on Monday. Also it seems my hair is coming out and bunches. I will take a picture of that for a later post.

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