Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Brief Medical Update

I went in to see the doctor today for my white blood cell boosting shot. I also had a blood test test to see how my white blood cell count was doing. The news was a bit disappointing. My white blood cell count was 1.2. The doctor was hoping it would be five or six so that I would have an immune system capacity able to handle the next round of chemotherapy. I really need to get that white blood cell count up and I would ask you to pray that would happen. Tomorrow I will be in to see doctor for a follow-up and we will discuss it. I'd like to be able to stay on the three-week schedule for chemotherapy and not delay it too much. So again, I ask for your prayers that my white blood cell count would increase and my creatinine count would keep going down (that is the count that determines kidney health).

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