Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another Update: Resting

20170321_084345 (768x1024)I'm at the beginning of the third week after the first chemotherapy session.  This is my “week of rest.”  My next chemotherapy session is scheduled for March 27th.  So right now I'm resting.  There are a couple things going on.  The infection in the hole for my nephrostomy is doing better and under control by the  antibiotics, but it's still a little sore. I would appreciate your prayers that the infection would completely disappear. It also looks like I'm beginning to lose my hair. Everywhere I go I'm finding my hair on the ground, in my cereal bowl, on my shirt. I guess I'll document that with some pictures.  Edema is getting a little better but it's still  a major annoyance. (Below left you can see the lymphoma lesions and swelling on my lower legs.) I was hoping it would go away a little faster. It probably hampers my activity more than anything else.

20170315_112322 (768x1024)With the rest comes the temptation to overthink things.  My mind tends to wander and make plans  dealing with things I have no control over whatsoever. Psalm 131, in my morning devotions, was a good reminder to quit doing that and trust the Lord.  My words from the Lord are still “wait” and “trust.”  It really bothers me sometimes that I'm not in control of anything in my life. Of course, any thought of control in my life before all this was an illusion anyway.  Maybe I'm seeing things a little more clearly.  So, thank you for keeping Joyce and I in your prayers.  We appreciate we appreciate them very much.

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