Thursday, March 09, 2017

Poems Resulting From A Sleepless Night

Last night was the second after my first chemotherapy treatment. It was also my second day of taking a hundred milligrams of prednisone. The side effect for me was that I couldn't sleep at all and my mind’s engine was in 4th gear. I wrote theological papers and planned out projects in my head, but that wasn't helping me sleep. Then suddenly I got on to poetry. I started out trying to write serious poetry but that wasn't working out, so I thought some limericks would be more relaxing. I don't want anyone to be offended by limericks about bodily functions but edema and kidney issues can be quite humiliating and embarrassing. This is my reality right now. It would be a blessing to get the edema and kidney issues dealt with. Maybe having a little fun with this helps my mind deal with the bigger issues; like being separated from thirty plus years of a life that I really enjoyed and loved, fear of being useless, and oh yeah, fear of death. Besides I think the limericks are funny and make me feel better.

Left Kidney

Now whenever I need to pee,
I take a plastic urinal with me,
  A unit portable
  Makes others uncomfortable 
So I carry it where they cannot see.

Right Kidney

I pee through a hole in my back,
It drains through a tube to a sack,
  It's rather unsightly,
  Even though bound tightly 
So I keep it in a plain black pack.

And now the serious poems that help me deal with the central issue – T-cell Lymphoma – cancer. The temptation and the fear are not the reality. God’s promises are the reality.

Prednisone Thoughts

Lately I lie awake at night,
Prednisone: eyes wide,
Tempted to anger, feel fear's bite,
Jesus: right beside, 
Whatever! We've already won the fight.

Hebrew Antithetic Style Proverb 

  In the light "God is good" is easy,
  In the darkness "God is good" is real.

And finally...

The Only Good Thing About Medical Leave

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I know my mind will whirl and leap,
If I can't sleep before I wake,
Another afternoon nap I'll take.

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