Friday, March 03, 2017

Joyce Takes A Walk in the Neighborhood

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Obviously, we are not on Guam right now, but we are still living in a beautiful place. We have been staying at my parents’ place in El Dorado, in the hills below Lake Tahoe, while I go through cancer treatment this year. We will be here at least another six months for the treatment. Though I am pretty much confined to the house right now, Joyce has been taking walks through the neighborhood, enjoying the spectacular views. We don’t often get to be here in this area when everything is so green. I though I’d share a couple of the pictures she took on her walk.

20170302_100938 (1024x768)20170302_104740 (1024x768)

Spring is trying to make its appearance though it is still a few weeks away

20170302_100840 (1024x768)20170302_110233 (1024x768)

A couple more looking across the valley

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Unknown said...

How I loved the views when I lived in Placerville. Such a wonderful place to heal.